Mozilla NIEC Activate

The event took place in Auditorium of my own college Northern India Engineering College on 28th January 2017. As I was the organizer of the event so there were lot of work i had to done like taking permission for the event,  publicity of the event in the college and in other colleges too and to set whole setup in Auditorium and some other stuffs too. So on final D-Day i reached the college at 10AM to make arrangement. Attendee start coming from earlier of 12 noon.

From 12.15 pm around we started event.


Sanyam(CuriousLearner)  bhaiya start from introducing people to the FOSS and open source and about the open source contribution benefit. After that he introduced all to Git and  taught peoples how to use Git. This is the session where all the peoples got their hand dirty on their laptops with Terminals. Peoples with Windows OS faced some issues then i helped them with download the Git Bash for Windows.It  was also a great session for me also as i did not know that too much about Git.


After that session we took a break of around 20 minutes for some lunch but in that time also Sanyam Bhaiya did not stop also, in that time also Bhaiya told us about his own journey of Mozilla and his projects.That willingness of Bhaiya to share his knowledge inspired me too much for working hard and also for contributing to Mozilla Organization.

After that break we started with A Frame and Web VR.This session was also a practical session in which peoples had to write codes in <A assets> which is same like as of HTML.With the help of A Frame any page can be designed easily in a very good manner.

After that session we gave swags(stickers) of Mozilla to all attendees and took a feedback too from all of them.


So overall for me it was a great event as i learned a lot of things from this event as i was organizer i got to learn that organizing of a event is not such too easy as it seems. And i can not explain in words about Sanyam Bhaiya how such a great human being he is. This was the 3rd meet with him but i got to know more about him from this event.

It is my first blog. Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks for reading. 🙂 Cheers.







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